Cradlepoint MBR1400

Mission-Critical Broadband Router

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MBR1400 front
Front view of the MBR1400

MBR1400 side view
Side view of the MBR1400

MBR1400 side
Opposite side of MBR1400

MBR1400 installation
MBR1400 installation sample

CradlePoint’s Mission-Critical Broadband Router (MBR1400) takes the power and flexibility of our industry leading router, and when combined with an active high-speed wireless broadband data connection, gets your business network online in no time.

Designed for small business, branch office, and retail locations - our business series router provides a secure primary or backup connection to the internet. In addition to connection options for traditional wired networking solutions like Cable, DSL, or T1, the most powerful feature of the MBR1400 is its ability to use USB or ExpressCard Data Modems to create instant networks anywhere you receive a broadband signal.

The MBR1400 features failover/failback, secure VPN, multiple encryption modes for maximum security, dual-band WiFi broadcast, private and public networks, WiFi as WAN, Modem Health Management, and remote management options with WiPipe Central for deployed units. CradlePoint provides enterprise-grade performance, security and the modem reliability businesses need to ensure continuous uptime. Create an instant network today with LTE, WiMAX, or any other wireless broadband technology.

Create an effortless, secure, instant business network with the MBR1400 plus an active high-speed wireless broadband data source, or use traditional wired lines combined with USB or ExpressCard data modems to keep your business online 99.99% of the time. Compatible with major networking infrastructure providers.

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